Innovative Entrepreneurship via Spin-offs of Knowledge Centres

The Academy has organised a one day symposium on the topic of spin-offs, in the Palace of the Academies in Brussels, on 10 June, 2015.

Paper and symposium on spin-offs

The number of start-up enterprises in Flanders has decreased lately, while the number of spin-offs from knowledge centers has increased. There are numerous initiatives in Flanders, Belgium and Europe that seek to promote business start-ups. The Technical Science Class (KTW) and Natural Science Class (KNW) of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and Arts (KVAB) published a position paper specifically on spin-offs arising from knowledge centers, therefore making an immediate link to innovation. These spin-offs are located mainly in the high-tech world such as biotechnology and ICT as well as in energy, environmental technologies and service sectors. The report contains recommendations for a.o. knowledge centers (mainly the universities, colleges and strategic research centers), government, business and education world.

Download position paper in English
Innovative Entrepreneurship via Spin-offs of Knowledge Centres

Download standpunt in het Nederlands
Innovatief ondernemerschap via spin-offs van kenniscentra

To valorise the content of this paper, a one day symposium will be dedicated to this topic, in the context of the Flemish Thinker's program of the Academy. Erik Tambuyzer, one of the authors of the Academy's position paper, will be the Flemish Thinker chairing this symposium.

Program of the symposium

Download programme booklet of the international symposium
in the context of the Thinker program of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and Arts, June 10, 2015, Brussels


General session

  • Welcome and introduction by the Chair, Erik Tambuyzer - member KVAB/KTW
    Innovative Entrepreneurship via Spin-offs of Knowledge Centres: the Academy's Position paper     presentation

  • David Mair - Joint Research Centre European Commission
    (Science-based) Entrepreneurship in the EU policy agenda     presentation

  • Rudi Cuyvers - KU Leuven R&D
    Spin-off creation @KU Leuven: key ingredients/success factors & policy     presentation

  • Frank Beckx - essenscia
    Building a stronger partnership between industry and education     presentation

  • Guy Lejeune - DG Employment European Commission
    The innovative side of inclusive entrepreneurship     presentation

  • Richard Hudson - Science|Business
    Innovative Clusters: An international perspective     presentation

Financing & risk taking
  • Isabelle Cardinael - KBC Securities
    Access to risk capital for spin-offs and start-ups     presentation

  • Christian Policard - Biotech Developpement Conseils, Paris
    Financing and risk taking in Biotech / Medtech projects     presentation

Q & A - moderated by Richard Hudson

Networking lunch

Life sciences
  • Koen De Witte - reMYND NV, FlandersBio
    Creating a flock of positive black swans     presentation

  • Jarek Oleszczuk - AbbVie
    The view of a global biopharma company towards collaborations with spin-offs in Flanders

  • Sam Possemiers - Prodigest
    ProDigest, from startup to product leader in the field of gastrointestinal models and processes     presentation

Q & A- moderated by Walter Eevers

  • Herman Verrelst - Cartagenia

  • Peter Wharton - Huawei
    The view of a large ICT company towards collaborations with spin-offs in Flanders

  • Bob Grietens - Xenics
    15 Years Xenics, from start up to growth

Q & A - moderated by Johan Cardoen

Coffee break

Panel discussion: Role of spin-offs in society and in anchoring of knowledge

Charles Hirsch (member KVAB/KNW, Numeca), Willy Verstraete (member KVAB, LabMET), Johan Cardoen (VIB), Jos Peeters (Capricorn), Walter Eevers (VITO), Ludo Deferm (imec)
moderated by Bart De Moor - member KVAB, ESAT-STADIUS KU Leuven-iMinds

Conclusions by the Chair - Erik Tambuyzer

Farewell and Networking Reception